Get a  land in the PEPE City

Land sale will be active only for PepeVR holders.


Lose yourself in a magical, complex and new world.

Don’t miss the opportunity to evaluate the early stages of the PepeVR project. You can buy and build the village of your dreams. You can buy a marine ecosystem and start ship trading. All will be possible in the PepeVR ecosystem. Be an early participant as Fairlaunch attendees will be given priority.

Award-winning Pepe Catch Game

A little pepe is missing!

Pepe Catch Game is developed to restart every day. If the missing Pepe isn’t found, the prize continues to multiply. Fixed amount of BNB allocated from users determines the prize pool. Find the little Pepe and win the big prize.
PEPEVR Whitepaper
A large PepeVR ecosystem is being built.  You are in an ecosystem that covers a large network of the blockchain industry and will initiate development in every field. Ecosystem; Includes Metaverse Universe, Marketplace, Pepe Catch Game, Egg-Deflationist System, Chat System. You will be able to see all the details in the Whitepaper.
PEPE has a egg.

Blue Egg: 12 units will be produced in a year. With each egg cracked, 0.2% of the entire supply will be burned.

Green Egg: 24 units will be produced in a year. With each egg cracked, 0.09% of the entire supply will be burned.

Orange Egg: 3 units will be produced in a year. With each egg cracked, 0.9% of the entire supply will be burned.

Pink Egg: 2 units will be produced in a year. With each egg cracked, 1.5% of the entire supply will be burned.

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PepeVR environments are governed by Smart Contracts, allowing token holders ability for flexible, tokenized ‘in-world’ interactions, rewards, voting, contests, virtual goods and more ‘in-world’ transactions utilizing BEP20 compliant Tokens called PepeVR.

Get a piece of LAND from The Pepe Metaverse to host your experience and events, access exclusive content and farming perks, and get premium defi staking and monetization options.

Get lost in the PepeVR universe. Don’t miss the start of a new experience. Enter one of the Pepe Cities and own one of the most popular plots. Remember that every city has a different potential.

Launchpad Partnership
Let’s explore virtual world